Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Note: It is unknown as to whether Santa uses a form of super-speed, teleportation or time-manipulation to travel across Earth during Christmas Eve. All three theories are entertained in the Powers and Abilities section, but the super-speed idea is the dominant idea in this profile, as seen in the speed categories.

Aliases: Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Papa Noel

Origin: Real Life; Eurasian Folklore

Classification: Christian Saint, Magical Being

Static Strength: Class G (assuming that every toy in Santa's sack is 1 kg in weight, it would weigh roughly 108,000,000 kg in total. Including coal for naughty children, the weight is probably twice or even thrice that).

Dynamic Strength: Anywhere between average human-level to Class G (the latter rating is if we assume that Santa's arm movements in lifting the sack can also be utilised in punching an object).

Combat Speed: Unknown, as Santa is not particularly known for getting his hands dirty; probably nighluminal+ (he has to maneuvre and direct the sleigh and reindeer while attaining the aforementioned speeds in the Travel Speed category).

Travel Speed: Santa himself is at least relativisitc+ (in order to get around to every house in the alloted time, he has 1.33 milliseconds to park the sleigh, go up and down the chimney, give out presents and eat leftover food); with his sleigh, he reaches nighluminal speeds (calculated to be going at 1,258 km/s, or 1,258,000 m/s).

Destructive Capabilities: Unquantifiable, as Santa never enters combat and has never demonstrated any destructive feats through recorded history.

Durability: Class Z+ (physically: Santa resists a G-Force that is 17,500 times greater then that emitted by the Earth's gravity/atmosphere for an entire night); unquantifiable (energy-wise: Santa has never been struck by energy-based events [as far as we know]); Santa lives at the North Pole all year round, plus spends over 24 hours up in the troposphere/stratosphere in just a red suit (temperature-wise).

Weaknesses: Extremely kind-hearted and jolly, Santa is pacifistic by nature and is very reluctant to fight. Has no known combat skill or experience. Is a massively scaled-up human with magical powers, so it could be assumed that he requires oxygen to breathe [albeit not much] and suspectible to standard methods of death [again, has to be massively scaled up].

Intelligence: Capable of concocting a list of every single child (human below the age of 18) on Earth, checking it over twice, and listing their personalities/attributes, without assistance. Runs a massive gift-manufacturing complex, employing at least hundreds of thousands of elves, and suffers no backlash or torment, for at least 1,000+ years.

Notable Equipment: Santa's sleigh (which has Class Z durability), his group of reindeer (each one probably wielding Class G strength, in pulling the weight of the toys, along with Santa and the sleigh. Rudolph can also provide a beam of light from his red nose, that is powerful enough to instantly brighten up any area od darkness), and his sack of toys/coal.

Santa in his sleigh and with his reindeer
Santa in his sleigh and with his reindeer

Powers and Abilities: Super-strength, super-durability, possibly teleportation or super-speed, temporal-manipulation (alternate logical conclusion as to how he can deliver the entire world in presents in just one night), reality-warping (completely reconstructs the surronding environment to prevent collapse from sheer speed and friction generated by his travel, prevents anyone from actually witnessing him in action, rendering his entire home and factory unsensable to humans).

Techniques: As he is not a fighter by nature, Santa does not possess any named or special techniques.